I've fallen in Love with Crystal

When you've been as long in one industry as I have been ( over 30 years ) it's hard to find things that excite you. And I must confess a streak free mirror still does it for me. I've tried a LOT of glass cleaners, some are great and some not so. When the Rapid Group launched the new Crystal I admit to a bit of an eye roll, I felt like we'd been here before. I took a bottle home and left it on the bench for a week or two, when I was looking for my glasses cleaner and couldn't find it I grabbed the bottle out of frustration and desperation.

When I gave it a shot I admit that I was really surprised at how well it cleaned my specs, wowzers, it was good. I grabbed a microfibre glass cloth and started to explore other surfaces. First stop the mirror in our living room, it has this perpetual smudge right up high where the air wafts in from the kitchen area where there are deposits from my cooking and the steam ( and a bit of smoke ) that sometimes escapes. Without much rubbing and no residual chemical it was surprising how easy it was to clean.

What to try next, the glass sliding door out back where I foolishly had some Christmas decals stuck, I had long since packed the decals away but it left a shadow of the outline on the glass, I am a little embarrassed to admit I hadn't given the area to much attention lately but the stickiness soon disappeared  from the glass. 

Next thing I knew I was scurrying around the house in search of other stuff I could try, the front of the Microwave, Stainless Steel fridge, Diamond glazed bench tops. I was really motoring by this stage and feeling more and more excited as I went. You know the feeling you get when you discover how easy something is, I was on a roll. 

Funny thing was that I completely forgot about the job I needed my clean glasses for. Oh well maybe I will knit tomorrow.

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