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We are here to supply your business with top quality hospitality and cleaning supplies that you can trust across New England and beyond.

Perfect for hotels, guest houses, restaurants, and bars; our vast range includes cleaning products, cooking equipment, toiletries, protective equipment, and more is exactly what you need to keep you business thriving.

Pair this with our local experts that are available to assist you with a level of service that is second to none in the region and you will find that you can relax knowing that some of the basics are taken care of.

Daily Office Cleaning Tips to Freshen Your Space

Daily Office Cleaning Tips to Freshen Your Space

Our daily office cleaning tips to freshen your space. Having a clean office space is well known to boost productivity because it makes it feel fresh, hygienic, and more welcoming for employees and any outside people coming in, like customers. 

Hand sanitising is here to stay

When the Covid pandemic started there were a lot of people who felt that once the virus was under control or eliminated that we would go back to li...

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Focus on what is more important for your business and leave your supplies to us! Ready to learn more? You can view and purchase our range online or contact us for more tailored support. We look forward to hearing from you.