Rapidclean Branded Chemicals, keeping you safe while you clean.


Here at Rapidclean we are especially proud of our own brand products. They are Australian made to our stringent specifications and are tried and proven across many different end user applications. Many of our products are registered under Accords “Recognised – Environmental Credentials Scheme”

This means that the ingredients are carefully chosen to provide end users with the most efficient results without the use of components that are unhealthy to use or do un-necessary damage to the environment. Of course some applications require a more aggressive approach, this is kept to the absolute minimum to ensure surfaces and humans are not at untoward risk when products are used.


There is an old saying “ The best laid plans of mice and men “ when we introduce humans into the cleaning process, there are from time to time accidents that occur, most often when people don’t pay attention, don’t bother to acquaint themselves with proper usage requirements or simply become a bit complacent. Frustrating I know but it happens, so what do you do if you splash product in your eye or spill it on your skin.


The correct answer is……… Refer to the Safety Data Sheet.


Ok I know what you’re thinking, it’s kind of hard to carry around a folder with multiple pieces of paper with you while you work. Invariably they become wet, dirty, ripped, scrunched and just plain old lost. The moment you need some technical information on accidents won’t be the time you have your nice new perfectly printed folder of SDS sheets in your hands. Most likely it’s at the end of a long shift when you are tired and are rushing to get finished.


And then it happens.


What the heck do you do now.


You take your phone to the chemical container, you scan the QR Code and everything you need to manage a spill or personal accident is right there just follow the link, great for you or just as importantly emergency services. No guessing, no searching, no stress just the tools you need to keep yourself and those around you safe.


There is also a Product information sheet, so if you have a problem stain or you are worried about a delicate surface it’s easy to look at the information and make an informed call on the suitability the product is for the job at hand.


Rapidclean Products made with your safety in mind.


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