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Present your food perfectly with sustainable sandwich wedges made from one of the planet’s most renewable resources, bamboo. Our sandwich wedges are compostable and certified to Australian Standard (AS4736) in industrial facilities where these exist. Plus bamboo’s strength makes it perfect for highly-functional window containers.
Bamboo grows so fast it’s classed as a rapidly-renewable resource – in fact, an entire bamboo forest can grow in just a few years
Bamboo regenerates from its roots – for a new crop to grow, it doesn’t need replanting
Both the window and the container lining are made from corn-starch product, PLA, a rapidly-renewable and responsible alternative to regular plastic
These window containers are heat-resistant and durable, you can package all types of hot, savoury, sweet or greasy food

Material: Bamboo Paper + PLA Lining + PLA Window
Dimensions: 72 × 123 × 79 mm
Certification: AS4736

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