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Made from rapidly renewable resources, our Future Friendly Sugarcane Packs are certified:
Commercially compostable to Australian Standard (AS4736) in industrial facilities where these exist
Home compostable to Australian Standard (AS5810).

Other benefits of using our Future Friendly Sugarcane Packs:
Tough and durable, and can handle all types of savoury, sweet or greasy food
Reduce your usage of non-renewable resources such as foams and plastics.
Reduce your environmental footprint by using one of the world’s most sustainable resources i.e., sugarcane bagasse: sugarcane is classified as rapidly renewable because it grows so fast
sugarcane bagasse is a by-product and does not require heavy investment of new resources to produce.
Many states and territories across Australia have banned or are planning to ban regular expanded polystyrene (EPS) containers. Our containers are the perfect sustainable alternative.
Material: Sugarcane Bagasse

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