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Having a clean office space is well known to boost productivity because it makes it feel fresh, hygienic, and more welcoming for employees and any outside people coming in, like customers.

This can only be achieved with a regular cleaning routine with quality cleaning supplies to keep on top of daily mess and dirt.

In this blog, we run through our top daily office cleaning tips to freshen your space.

Clean High Touchpoints

We all got used to regular sanitising during the pandemic and it’s something businesses should continue to implement, but this doesn’t just mean offering hand gel or wiping down doorknobs every once in a while.

A structured sanitising routine (at least twice a day) with cleaning chemicals that includes all high-touchpoints in the office will ensure hygiene is kept to the highest standard, as well as keeping them shiny and finger-print free.

This includes light switches, handles, office phones, keyboards, and any other well-used surfaces.

Vacuum Or Mop

Although it seems like a monotonous task to be doing every day, we recommend cleaning your floors daily, even if they do not look dirty. Heavy footfall means that floors get worn down and covered in hidden dirt and this will eventually begin to show if not vacuumed or mopped.

Covering such a large amount of space, a spotless floor really makes any room feel cleaner as soon as you enter it.

Empty Rubbish Bins

This is another one of those tasks that may not feel as if it needs doing daily, but you will notice if it’s not. Make sure that all waste bins, both recycling and general, get emptied at the end of the day.

The last thing you want is smelly rubbish to greet you in the morning or an overflowing recycling box halfway through the day. Waste is as unhygienic as it is unsightly, so keeping on top of it will ensure its negative impacts are negated.


Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you have to dust the whole office every single day. But, there are certain items that will look dustier and feel dirtier quicker than others that do need a quick flick of the duster to freshen them up.

For example, computer screens and keyboards (especially black ones, commonly found in offices) are often visibly dusty due to build-up in cracks but go ignored.

Keeping these dusted ensures that employees' workspaces feel fresh and clean which will boost their positivity and productivity.

Keep Desks Clutter-Free

Only have what you really need at your desk instead of random bits and pieces that do not assist you in your work. This will make your mind clearer with improved focus and make the office as a whole feel tidier.

If you’re someone who eats at your desk, consider moving to the kitchen instead, because waste and crumbs are the last things you or visitors want to see when they come to your organisation.

Having a dedicated space to work and eat increases focus at the desk as well as hygiene. There are many simple tips and tricks to keeping office spaces feeling and looking fresh, but you need the right products to ensure this.

At RapidClean New England, we have a variety of products to assist with all of the above for you to browse. Visit our local Armidale store or call us on (02) 6772 7088 today.

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