Cord-Free Cleaning: A Reliable Alternative

Battery powered cleaning machinery has gained increased acceptance in both commercial and domestic markets.

There are more and more options available for people wanting to be free of cords while maintaining the quality and performance that is needed to complete routine cleaning tasks.

Makita Cleaning Machinery

The introduction of the Makita cleaning range is a very exciting one.

Makita have a solid reputation in the Tradie market, and are recognised for their reliability, ease of operation and the quality of components. Battery powered equipment is not new to the Makita range, it is proven and trusted by many people from Professionals to the home DIY’er!

Rechargeable Batteries

The introduction of click in rechargeable batteries to vacuums and small cleaning equipment has made even the large jobs achievable with the convenience of Makita’s battery technology. It is super easy to have a back up battery charging whist the first battery is in use, with a quick swap over to keep you working and minimise down time.

As with the power tool range cleaning equipment can be purchased as a kit which includes chargers and batteries, or the skin to add on to your existing batteries. No need to purchase kits if you already own Makita chargers and batteries, the add on skins make owning a range of cleaning tools affordable. The only problem you might have, is keeping the significant other away from your batteries!

Try Cordless Cleaning Yourself

Reliability is key to Makita’s success; their reputation has been built over many years of service and their tools and charging equipment have been tested and proven to perform time after time just the way you expect it to.

Take a look at our range of cleaning equipment available. You will be delighted with the price and the security of knowing you are purchasing a quality piece of equipment.


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